and of course, his new fully-animated music video “ Word Of Mouth.

Reuben recently unveiled his first video in a special series online at both YouTube.com and his MySpace.com site (www.myspace.com/johnreuben). This week the rapper’s latest clip is a music video for "Trying Too Hard" which features Youtube star LisaNova. A second sketch has simultaneously been posted on LisaNova's channel featuring Reuben's alter-ego, Nova and other YouTube friends. The “mockumentary” styled video series follows last year’s 9-minute “pilot” featuring an exaggerated John Reuben alter-ego. The clip, produced by Reuben and his brother and recalling classic satires like “Waiting For Guffman”, found a large audience quickly, amassing over 175,000 views on Youtube.com and setting the stage for these upcoming video clips. Fans can anticipate 17 video clips total through the end of May, with one releasing online each week. The YouTube channel was the in the top-5 most subscribed to musician channels during the month of February and remains in the top-50 most viewed channels at the time of this release.

John Reuben, who kicked off his 40-city Word Of Mouth tour last month, will finish up March 24th in Saginaw MI. He has toured other albums extensively as well, including a 30–city nationwide stint with Pillar and Thousand Foot Crutch, and dates with Superchick and Sanctus Real.

Word Of Mouth is creating a media buzz including being featured last week on NPR’s “All Songs Considered” online music show. Allmusic.com noted, “you won’t find a truer, more honest, or more celebratory album this year.” Christianitytoday.com called the album, “something far more interesting and fun than the average blend of pop/rock and hip-hop.” John Reuben has five prior albums already to his credit and sales of over 200,000 albums.

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