Beatmart signs Soul P.

"Soul P. is a tireless worker and this is one of the main reasons we wanted to sign him," comments Collins. "I learned early on that Soul P.'s artistry is his job! He has continually booked his own shows and routed his own tours for years. As a label, Beatmart wants to come in and help take what Soul P. has started to the next level."

Soul P. and Beatmart Recordings are already in the studio, hard at work on Soul P.'s debut album, tentatively titled The Premier. This new project already promises Soul P.'s signature lyrical depth, mixing inspired hip-hop with current social issues. "I signed with Beatmart because it was honestly the best situation for me," says Soul P. "They have given me a chance to work with Todd Collins, and Todd really believes in me as an artist and as a person."

Born and raised in Seattle, Soul P. lived out his childhood in the midst of the worst the 1980s had to offer. Surrounded by the crack epidemic and rising gang violence, Soul P.'s world was forever shaped by what he saw. "I draw inspiration from God, life, and music in general," explains Soul P. "I've found that I'm especially impacted by my life experiences. Just watching my son sleep reminds me of where I came from and where I'm going."

A talented and sought after emcee is always on the move, and Soul P. is no exception. He has independently released two critically acclaimed albums that have garnered high praise from both the critics and the listeners alike. Soul P. was also a founding member of the group Acts 29, and has continued to maintain connections with the underground.

Throughout his extensive recording career, Soul P. has collaborated with notables such as Jumbo the Garbage man from the Lifesavas, Christian hip-hop phenom Tony Stone, underground hip-hop icon Ohmegha Watts, and fellow West Coast emcee Sharp Skills. He has also worked and performed closely with artists and producers such as Royce Da 59, LA Symphony, KJ-52, RedCloud, Malachi Perez, Winona Drive Productions, and many more. "Working with and listening to really dope artists makes me want to write better music," shares Soul P. "That's really what God has called me to do."

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