"Music Meets the Truth" reaches over 14,000

"Music Meets the Truth" has received coverage and promotions through several online communities, local and major radio stations, as well as DJs and a couple Christian magazines. There's a reason why so many people are downloading. From the creative rhymes, catchy hooks and head-knocking beats to the messages of Truth and Life embedded in the production, this album is a hot pick for anyone who loves music delivered in a positive, urban/hip-hop format. If you still haven't downloaded, check it out at www.beatlab7.com!

Album features: Crucial, Saint Jon, 3D Remedy, Dae Lee, Phat CAT, Omega Spark, God'z-illa, Valerie Armfield, Soul Fire, RICON, Tawana, J-Real, and Dreama

Beat Lab 7 Productionz is also taking submissions for "Music Meets the Truth" 2008! 10 artists will be picked to feature on the next free compilation which will be heavily promoted in order to get an even bigger response! There have been additional pre-selected artists who will feature on the compilation as well, including Urban D of Fla.vor Alliance, Zee and Chris MC of Fresh Digress! For more details go to http://www.beatlab7.com/submissions.htm.

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