theBREAX release Get Ignroant Remix

The Get Ignorant Remix marks the first time that an artist from every major camp in Christian Hip-Hop appears on the same song. Braille (of Light Headed), Theory Hazit (of Scribbling Idiots), NomiS (of Gallery Drive), Eric Cross (Beatmart Recordings), (Proph 1 of the Frontlynaz), Sev Statik (of Deepspace 5 & Tunnel Rats), R Swift (of Rhyme Council & Cross Movement Records) and Rockwilder's Fuel/KIK Records artist Whuteva.

The Remix was first exclusively released to DJ Wade-O and premiered on episode 80 of the Wade-O radio show: "I'm just joyed that all of those different cats can get on one record, with one common theme… I'm real encouraged by that… you had all these different people on there who some people might say, 'their crews don't like each other', or 'people don't get along' or whatever it is… and I'm just real encouraged that all those different guys from different crews can come together and make one record that still has the focus of preaching the Gospel, even with all the sarcastic elements in there… man I'm real encouraged by that… to get all those people on one accord, crazy man, that's how big our God is!" DJ Wade-O

Get Ignorant originally appeared on When theBREAX Sold Out, the new Remix will appear as a bonus track on theBREAX new album Restocked, which will be exclusively available on their new Hybrid DVD Broken Television coming out in February 2009. Broken Television features a documentary, live performance footage, music videos, over an hour of bonus footage, and theBREAX entire music catalogue. The song can currently be heard and download from theBREAX myspace page.

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