Tre9 questions "Yes We Can" politics on Beat Lab 7 feature

ImageIn "Yes We Can," a song recorded exclusively for the Beat Lab 7's free, downloadable "Music Meets the Truth 2009" album, Bobby "Tre9" Herring presents an argument for limited support of elected officials.

"We have to remember politicians are men who fall short of God's glory, just like everyone else. And far too often, their words don't match their actions, and our expectations go unfulfilled," Herring said.

"It's especially important that Christian voters and politicians hold themselves to higher standards and value their heavenly citizenship over their national one."

And despite the title chant and "Abomination, disregard Obama-nation" line (a phrase he remembered from a photo of a protest sign at a gay-rights rally), Tre9 says this is not an anti-Barack track or partisan in any way. It's simply a Christian song about modern government in the vein of Derek Webb's "A Savior On Capitol Hill."

"It's definitely more political than anything I've ever put on wax," Tre9 said. "But it's an honest expression of thoughts and feelings that have been marinating inside of me for several years. I hope people can really see where I'm coming from on this."

Tre9's next album, "The Farmer," is being distributed by Infinity/Central South and hits stores on March 31, 2009. Available for pre-order at

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