RedCloud to Release a New Album

Teaming up with tour mate (Quannum Projects recording artist) Pigeon John and long time friend and business partner sirROCDOMZ, RedCloud executes one of the finest albums to come from the West Coast in years. “Collaborating with people I grew up listening to was a surreal experience that will not be forgotten” adds RedCloud.

Track listing:Image
01. Deep Thoughts
02. Welcome All
03. Guns & Roses feat. Jayo Felony, Eek-A-Mouse, & Tonex
04. Boulevard Knights
05. 405 feat. Lord Zen & Dannu (of Visionaries)
06. Tapatio feat. Pigeon John
07. Hawthorne’s Most Wanted feat. Kurupt (of Tha Dogg Pound)
08. The Boombox Saints
09. Krylon Teardrops
10. The Time Has Come
11. Battle of Little Bighorn feat. Def Shepard
12. My People
13. Songs They Sang
14. Death of a Salesman feat. Pigeon John

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