DJ Morph shoots 3 Music Videos for "International"

Most of the artists flew in on Thursday night only to start shooting at 9 am the following morning, "the set was fiyah!" says Morph, The video was directed by Joel Kapity from Dreams on Screen (which credit him with the latest Marvin Winans Jr. video NEVER LET ME DOWN and Viktory's music video ON FIRE for his upcoming release)

Some of the Chi's illest B boys and dancers came out, The Chi showed love as many came out to support and cameo as extras in the videos. "The dancers and B Boys were official, and it was dope to have all the people from different parts of the city fellowshiping behind the scenes" - DJ Morph.

The Friday night shoot came to an end at 9 pm, 12 hours of non stop footage was captured, then it was off to downtown to Flacos tacos for dinner.

Saturday morning, they had a radio interview scheduled at Moody with DJ Morph, Eddie Nigma and J Barra of Break Bread.

Sunday morning, resuming the 2nd day of the video shoot at 8 am, but the crew had the honor of ministering at New Life Community Church were they kept it INTERNATIONAL as they took over the whole youth service, Papo V also came out to perform with his Spanish speaking steez as well from his collaborations with DJ Morph on "El regreso del DJ" album, at 1:45pm it was back to the video shoot wrapping up at 8 pm.

At the end of the weekend the footage for DJ Morph's videos "Can't Break Us" feat. Frontlynaz, "King kong" feat. Eddie Nigma and "When The Night Falls" feat. Break Bread where all ready to begin the editing process.

DJ Morph would like to extend his gratitude to all the people of God that helped out and made this possible, Joel Kapity his crew, Katalyst and Brian dye's crew, Pastor Dwayne Eslick, Jeremy Barahona, Pastor Demateo, Top and the Self-Xplanatory crew, all the peoples that came out for the cameos/extras, and everyone else we might have not mentioned but much appreciated.

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