Redeemed Thought Re-Releasing Their Debut Album


As with any good Christian art, this 20 track offering provides the listener with a context to be built up, encouraged, edified and challenged. With guest spots from shai linne, timothy brindle, J-Silas, R-Swift and production from Cross Movement's Official this is a must have!

Originally released in 2005, this version has been remixed and remastered for optimal listening pleasure.

Track List
1. Welcome
2. The Anthem (Build Up!)
3. Christ Control
4. *Truth*
5. Bang Ya' Head
6. Keep It Simple
7. So Much To Say
8. *Beauty*
9. More Than Music
10. Soapbox
11. Same God
12. *Goodness
13. In Still Motion
14. Still In Motion
15. Bless The Mic
16. Right Here
17. Dove Soap
18. *The Balance
19. Philadelphia
20. Goodnight

*denotes interlude

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