Rapzilla.com's 15 Freshmen of 2016

Andy Mineo, KB, Bizzle, Swoope, Canon, Eshon Burgundy and S.O. are some of the most important artists in Christian hip hop, and they all were members of Rapzilla’s inaugural Freshman class in 2011.

With each of its Freshman classes since, Rapzilla has continued its tradition of highlighting top artists before they become top artists. This year’s selections are as promising as ever.

The list of talented nominees was long, but Rapzilla’s staff fought through the pain and trimmed it to 15. These 15 fulfill the only two qualifications to be honored: They have yet to release more than one retail LP (solo or group), and they make dope music.

Here are the Rapzilla Freshmen of 2016, which will be introduced five at a time this week.

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