Lawren Explains Meaning Behind 'AYPG' in New Documentary

If you watched the above documentary, Lawren’s cryptic “AYPG” and dice tweets have been unlocked. The new record is called As You Pass Go, and it will be released in late April.

Lawren isn’t unveiling the cover just yet, but from the dice and the album name, the record is indeed Monopoly themed. The design was done by Kevin Hackett.

Here’s what we do know. According to Lawren, the EP will consist of five tracks and the first single is called “Slums,” featuring Ty Brasel and WhatupRG. There will be a music video for it coming in the near future.

Lawren said the project will sonically resemble his first project HVNTS more than it resembles Pieces. The tracks will be a bit more radio and performance friendly and feature trap beats with some boom bap sprinkled in.

He also warned that just because the beats are trap, it doesn’t mean he’s mumbling. Lawren is rapping the same way as usual.

Lawren’s HVNTS movement is also coming back for this record. “A HVNT is basically, as Christians, there is nothing in this world for us to have. We have everything in this world that we need, therefore we have not,” he explained.

Perhaps the best part of AYPG is the price. At basically one step below free, the EP will only cost $2.99 to purchase.

Lastly, Lawren elaborated on the meaning of the album title.

“As You Pass - as Christians we are dying to ourselves, dying to our sin, and we are now alive in Christ. God has saved us in Christ, removed our sin through Jesus, and given us righteousness, the beautiful exchange. So we have passed and at the same time, God has passed on to us his righteousness. So As You Pass, now here’s the Go part. It means Go! As we have become Christians, we have been commanded to make disciples. Matthew 28:19, the Great Commission.”

Stay tuned for more info on Lawren’s AYPG.
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