Rapzilla.com's 13 Freshman of 2013


L9, L923rd, GrizzlyFreeman, whatever you want to call him, this Tampa, FL residing SCMGWP member has been making a name for himself. Formerly of Movement of Truth, the artist made his solo debut with ‘LateNight x EarlyDays’ in 2011. L9 came into 2012 with free singles like “Chillin” “Free World” & “Same Way". The solid combination of chilled beat selections, high-energy delivery, and catchy hooks in these songs made his music standout with listeners among bigger names. Including Alex Faith who said "The only song I've heard in awhile from someone I've never heard of that was extra dope." about his latest track "Recklessliving." The single is from L9's next project, 'Somethin’Reckless’ EP dropping on May 30, 2013.

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