I recently had the pleasure of attending a luncheon with John Piper at the Legacy Conference in Chicago. After he encouraged and exhorted the attendees for some time, he offered a Q&A session. He gave some great answers to some great questions. One question that stood out to me was when DJ Wade O dug up the old dead horse of being a Christian Rapper versus being a Christian who raps… and I’m glad he did!

This overly debated question has always piqued my curiosity because as I have worked on both sides of the industry I have noticed a blatant hypocrisy. The kind of ridicule one receives when they operate within the “Christian” music industry versus outside, is definitely different. If every song is not a “Gospel” song a determination is made that this particular artist is in fact not a Christian. On the other hand, when an artist who has always been in the mainstream says that he is a Christian, he is welcomed with open arms. This isn’t just for the artist who previously created “amoral” music, but also for the artist who has created “immoral” music. In addition to the Christian scene automatically converting this individual into an instant hero of the faith, he is allowed to continue to make music that isn’t excplicitly Christian while keeping his new found Christian platform. He is exempt from the rigid guidelines that have been forced upon those who happen to have their start on the Christian side of the industry. Add a comment

In the still-budding years of Christian Hip Hop, fans of the genre were introduced to the soulful sounds of a singer from St. Louis known by the stage name J.R. Since his debut album Metamorphosis in 2005, the crooner has come to be recognized as one of the most dependable artists and producers in the genre. But his immense contributions to other rappers and collectives such as High Society has overshadowed his lengthy individual catalog. However, that's about to change. As J.R. shared in an exclusive interview with Rapzilla, a brand new album is on the way. Add a comment

This Wednesday at 7PM EST, join us LIVE with Andy Mineo as we discuss what he's been up to since releasing the highest selling Christian Hip Hop album of the year, discuss his recently released "Stop the Traffic" title song from the upcoming King Kulture album, and more! Also, tune in for a big announcement!

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Recently appointed executive director of Reach Life Ministries Damon Horton and Reach Records artist Trip Lee discuss the history and hopes for ReachLife Ministries, its relationship with the local church and Trip's transition into local church ministry. Add a comment

On the heels of his 'Apply Pressure' album, the lyrical phenom R-Swift sits down with Steve Patton to discuss his album, the return of lyricism, his transition from Cross Movement and more.

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