In 2007 Diana Mao traveled to Cambodia for a micro-finance research fellowship and met young girls that were exploited and were vulnerable to sex-trafficking. The stories of the girls compelled her to want to take action. Shortly after she returned to New York City, Diana met Alissa Moore, who had recently returned from a social justice conference where she learned about human trafficking for the first time. Together they took a trip to Cambodia to explore ways they could develop products that would create job opportunities for women at risk and survivors of human trafficking. Nomi Network began with a simple embrace. Add a comment

He is a Christian who freely uses the n-word, gets extremely personal with his lyrics, and wrote a sex-song dedicated to his wife. Listen to KamBINO’s testimony and find out why he chose to make his latest album, “InDependence”, heavily loaded with mature content. Add a comment

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Jonathan Walton talks about his goals as a part of InterVarsity / New York City Urban Project (NYCUP) in fighting human trafficking, transforming lives and reconciling them to God. He illustrates and expounds on his experiences with human trafficking in New York City. We hope this pierce's your heart and encourages you to get involved or at least to support 'King Kulture: Stop The Traffic' so we can help Jonathan and NYCUP continue their fight.

'King Kulture: Stop The Traffic' compilation album releasing August 27, 2013. Pre-orders for the album and limited and exclusive packages are available from the Rapzilla Official Online Store now. Add a comment

He works eight hours during the day as a loan analyst, spends time with his wife and kids in the evening, and writes and records the vivid pictures that he paints with his rhymes throughout the early mornings. Check out Collision Records newest artist Dre Murray’s testimony and get a glimpse into his upcoming album 'Gold Rush: Maybe One Day,' right now! Add a comment


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