A sea of dimly lit candles surrounded a borderline uncomfortable Eric Sundermann as Pastor Harry Thomas Jr. led a crowd of tens of thousands in prayer. Though maybe not visibly moved, Eric’s insides were twisting a bit at what he once had and what he left behind. Sundermann was at this year’s Creation Festival, and as the spirit of God moved over the field on Agape Farm, PA, he wasn’t sure how to feel.
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Last week, Rapzilla introduced one of Christian hip-hop’s early founders, Stephen Wiley. Wiley’s connection to the golden era of hip-hop helped spark an untapped segment of music Christian circles had not heard of. As this new breed of gospel-inspired rap music began to hit the streets, the church and even Christian music in general, were not ready for the wave.
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Once upon a time, in hip-hop history, existed a time and place far removed from what we see now. Before there was the talk of a rapper’s plight, there was Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight.” Artists and groups such as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5, DJ Kool Herc, Kurtis Blow and a slew of other DJ’s and MC’s introduced a new style of music called rap. However, it wasn’t new for one young artist, who had been unknowingly doing it for years. This is the story of how Christian hip-hop was born.
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