HillaryJane recently released her EP, Stix and Stones. Tune in and learn more about the songwriter, singer, and rapper. Ask your questions for HillaryJane on YouTube. Add a comment

On Tuesday, Lecrae will release his seventh studio album Anomaly—his favorite album yet, he told Rapzilla.

“I think Anomaly is my favorite album because it’s my most secure, confident, just kind of understanding-who-I-am album,” he said.

Rapzilla sat down with Lecrae at the Reach Records headquarters to talk about a variety of topics, including the particular sound of Anomaly. Add a comment

A 25-year-old KB had everything to lose: a wife, dreams of children, a promising hip-hop career. At Legacy Conference 2014, KB talked to us about when possibility of losing everything became a reality when his church planned a mission trip to Liberia in 2013. His pastor made sure church members were aware of this. They watched a documentary which detailed Liberia’s civil war a decade prior that was plagued by cannibalism, human sacrifice and use of child soldiers. Add a comment


Bridge B. Blood Pressure
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