Swoope talks about his upcoming projects, his solo album with Collision Records and the projects with High Society, working with Lecrae on Overdose and more... Add a comment


Verbal Kwest (J.Kwest & BreevEazie) talk about their latest album Batman & Batman, what they've been up to the last 10 years, reaching people in Chicago, and being on the Oprah show & Fox News. Add a comment

I was introduced to StefanOtto at a time when I was frankly tired of kiddie rap. I’m no longer the carefree teenager who saved lunch money to buy Christian Hip Hop CDs. Being a decade older, I started searching outside of Christian Hip Hop to find music I could relate to as an adult. But even in looking elsewhere, I knew there had to be Christian Hip Hop artists who reflect the complexity of my life musically and lyrically. Thankfully, I can say that I found one. Add a comment


Graham Saber The Quarter Life
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IDJ Presents: Win Souls or Die Tryin
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