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Dillon Chase is releasing his new album 'BDFFRNT' tomorrow November 18th. Through 8 years of traveling, performing, and reaching the broken through his music; Dillon understands the responsibility to use his voice
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Genuine Life released their debut album 'Renovation.' After years of working together on the same label, Genuine Life Recordz, and releasing Rhythm & Praise and Hip Hop albums, Chay Sutton Fulfilla & Servant decided to teamed up and prepare a well rounded album that deals with the work we all must receive in Christ.
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The album Grafted, is centered around the life of one man. A journey from his rebirth of conversion to when he leaves this earth. This Man, in this context, is a representation of the average believer. This album shows us at our highs and also at our lows. Grafted lets us into the minds of both joyful and angry Christians, Good and bad, bitter and sweet. It reminds us what it really means to be Grafted into the family of Christ no matter what we look like or even struggling with.

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