Sept. 11th - Marty of Social Club Marty for President

Sept. 15th - Dee-1 Separated at Birth

Sept. 18th - Andy Mineo Uncomfortable

Sept. 18th - Reconcile Catchin' Bodies



Jan. 2nd - Sam Ock Grey - iTunes/Amazon

Jan. 19th - nobigdyl smoke signal. [ Exclusive] - Free

Jan. 27th - Derek Minor Empire - iTunes/Amazon

Jan. 27th - Urban D. Amnesia - Free


Feb. 10th - Yaves In Winter's Ear EP - iTunes/Amazon

Feb. 10th - Victorious #PressReset - iTunes/Amazon

Feb. 11th - Bumps INF Man VS. Machine - iTunes/Amazon

Feb. 17th - Dee-1 3's Up EP - iTunes/Amazon

Feb. 24th - Skrip Renegades Never Die - iTunes/Amazon

Feb. 24th - theBeatBreaker Heard Not Seen


Mar. 3rd - Eshon Burgundy The Fear of God - iTunes/Amazon

Mar. 3rd - Mike REAL Mind of Hollis - iTunes/Amazon

Mar. 3rd - Mogli the Iceburg DREVMCVTCHR - iTunes/Amazon

Mar. 5th - Lawren HVNTS

Mar. 10th - Json No Filter - iTunes/Amazon

Mar. 10th - Applejaxx A Night at the Movies - Free

Mar. 10th - Sean C. Johnson Circa 1993

Mar. 16th - J. monty Level 54

Mar. 16th - J Poetic Broken Restored - iTunes/Amazon

Mar. 16th - TJ Pompeo i'mperfect - Free

Mar. 17th - Jonathan Thulin Science Fiction

Mar. 24th - Social Club US - iTunes/Amazon

Mar. 24th - Chris Cobbins August Season: Take One - iTunes or Amazon

Mar. 30th - Gowe Music Beautiful

Mar. 31st - D. Tropp Love You More

Mar 31st - NF Mansion

Mar 31st - Sareem Poems & Ess Be Beautiful Noise - iTunes

TBA - Chris Cobbins August Season: Take One EP - Free


April 3rd - Ruslan Do For One

April 3rd - Dru Bex Imperfect Messenger

Apr. 7th - Gemstones Blind Elephant

Apr. 21st - KB Tomorrow We Live - iTunes/Amazon

Apr. 28th - Alex Faith & Dre Murray Southern Lights: Overexposed EP - iTunes/Amazon

April 28th - Christon Gray The Demos

Apr. 28th - Buck Barnabas Streetlights In Egypt - iTunes/Amazon


May 12th - Fedel Flaw

May 19th - Spec No Vacancy

May 25th - J. Han Tower Ivory


June 1st - Social Club B-Sides (Streaming Project)

June 16th - Roy Tosh Death Before Love - iTunes/Amazon

June 20th - Jarry Manna Ugly Album

June 23rd - Tragic Hero My Own Worst Enemy

June 30th - Butta P. The Coronation

June 30th - Wes Pendleton Vine


July 4th - RPSMG Until Next Time

July 17th - Flame Forward

July 31st - Thi'sl Heavy Is The Head

TBA - I'm Doin Jesus Records Win Souls or Die Tryn


Aug. 4th - Brinson Until We Meet Again - iTunes/Amazon

Aug. 7th - Tobymac This is Not a Test

Aug. 14th - C-Micah Faith Music

Aug. 28th - John Givez Soul Rebel

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