In the world of Christian hip hop, 2012 shall forever be known as the year of Lecrae. As well it should; in quick succession, the Reach Records general dropped the most important mixtape and album in the subgenre’s history, rewriting the rulebook on God-fearing emcees’ relationship with the secular music game and blazing a path his peers could follow to mainstream acceptance and cultural influence.
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In the opening lines of “Wake Up,” track two off the self-titled 2014 EP that introduced him to a national audience, rising Christian rap star Nate “NF” Feuerstein used the luxurious, but lonely vastness of a massive home as a metaphor for the emptiness of a life without God.
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By the time Trip Lee released his 4th studio album, The Good Life, the long-time Reach Records favorite was at a crossroads. He was battling a serious health condition and preparing himself for pastoral ministry. When he announced he would be taking a “break from music” on a short behind-the-scenes video for TGL, everyone seemed to be caught off guard. “Wait, did Trip just say he was retiring?” Two-and-a-half years later, Trip is releasing Rise.
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They say that a person develops an opinion of a new acquaintance within a matter of seconds, and that it is difficult, if not impossible to change that opinion. If Swoope’s first big label release, 2012’s “Wake Up”, is of any indication of the validity of that statement, he has set the bar respectably high for himself.
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