Christian Hip Hop Making It's Mark on 3/30


March 30th. Digging into the history books to see what's so special about the day we found:

- Alaska was purchased from Russia for 7.2 million dollars on March 30th 1867
- Vincent Van Gogh, Dutch painter, was born on March 30th 1853.
- The pencil with eraser was patented on March 30th 1858.

Other than that not a lot, but Christian hip hop is making it's mark on March 30th! FIVE albums are coming out! Check out the list of albums you need to pick up on March 30th:

Manafest 'The Chase' (pre-order on

Rhema Soul 'Fingerprints'

Sho Baraka 'Lions and Liars' (pre-order on

Rawsrvnt 'No Ordinary Love'

Jacob Izrael 'The Glitch'

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