Frustrated: Why did KJ-52 win a Dove Award...AGAIN!?


Why aren't people like Lecrae winning!? There is frustration that KJ-52 won the Dove Award for 'Rap / Hip Hop Album of the Year'. KJ-52 now has 5 Dove Awards. There have been complaints over the years, including this year, that KJ-52 won because he is white, because he has the most sales, politics, etc. While some of that may be an influence, most or all of it is based on ignorance. There are requirements and criteria (similiar to Grammy's, Stellar's, etc.) that have to be met for artists to be considered for nominations.

C.E. Moore of Christian Manifesto had a lengthy phone conversation with KJ-52 and KJ sets the record straight based on facts and his extensive knowledge on the inner workings. This is extremely helpful information to the Christian hip hop world, that probably has never been offered. You need to sit down for an hour or however long this is, and learn how you can change the Dove Awards forever.

Listen to the audio now.
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Chad Horton has co-owned and operated with Philip Rood since 2010, bringing with him a decade of music business experience. Horton is also the Director of Marketing for Syntax Creative, the largest independent digital distributor of Christian & Gospel music, among other genres. Originally from Northern California, Horton rooted himself in San Diego with his wife of nine years, as well as two beautiful daughters.

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