10 “Under the Radar” Albums of 2012

1. Creativity/Song Structure: Circa MMXI: The Collective by High Society

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It’s hard to imagine that we could ever forget about this album, but it was the first project released this year (midnight on New Years). Sadly, we tend to have short memories. What cannot be so easily forgotten is the mix of lyrical and musical artistry that was put on display by the Hi Soc crew. The most impressive part was the limitless creativity. There were no rules in how long a song was (in the case of “Winner’s Circle”), how many beat/tempo switches were included (“Devil” being a prime example) or how controversial the content became (see “Mad About”). Even if this album doesn’t make the top 5 list, we can’t deny that High Society has raised the creative musical bar.

I already hear you screaming “You forgot about ….!” Well, what are your “under the radar” albums so far this year? Let us know!
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