Rapzilla.com's 13 Freshman of 2013

Alex Faith

Alex first appeared on Sho Baraka’s ‘Barakology (Why So Serious?)’ mixtape. Working on his relationship with the Lord, building with the Reach camp in Atlanta, getting married, and then ultimately working as Lecrae’s tour assistant for over a year kept his music from getting much focus. However in 2012 things began to change as Alex left his position with Reach and began to focus on his own music. An announcement came shortly after that he had signed a record deal with long time friends at Collision Records. Then, in June 2012 is when most of you heard Alex when he dropped his song “Runways” featuring Suzy Rock. Then, also in June and in July Alex released “Have It All” and “Video Games” which were both produced by Wit. Eventually with the build up of the singles over the summer, Alex and Collision Records dropped the free album ‘Honest 2 God’ which featured Swoope, Christon Gray, Sho Baraka, Dre Murray, Suzy Rock, and featured production by Wit, Street Symphony, Wes Pendleton and others.

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