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Last night I was in a silly mood. Maybe it was because it was my birthday and I was coming face to face with my ever shortening mortality. Maybe it was because I have some really big decisions hovering over my head and I just needed a mental retreat. Whatever the reason, the sillies were alive in my head. While I had the sillies, I came up with the idea of a Christian rap name "Crawse." It made me laugh to myself and I shared it with some people around me. We all laughed and hit me. "I wonder what other people would add to the discussion of something called #badchristianrapnames."

Initially, I thought about not doing it because I didn't want people to chime in with real Christian rappers names. That would have been a bad look so I even said publicly I didn't want that to happen. With that as the frame work, the sillies took over and the tweets began. First was my "Crawse" tweet followed by...

I admit, Blessed Future wasn't that funny but I needed to warm up. The hash tag was used by a few others that gave us stuff like...


Then the discussion went up a few notches when Reach Records artist, Grammy award winning producer and Lecrae's DJ - @DJOfficialDJ joined the conversation. Starting off slow with...

he turned up fast with additions like...


Next thing you know, scores of people join the fray and #badchristianrapnames trending topic on Twitter. Currently, @ComedianChris has the most retweeted tweet with...

DJ Official and I both added other popular additions "Twerk Franklin" (my personal favorite) and "Trey Song of Songs" respectively.

But what does seeing this topic trending in the United States show us? Does it show that the idea of Christians in Hip-Hop is no longer as foreign as it once was? Does it show the power of urban Christians on Twitter? Does it show us that we all just like good joke? Does it show us something else?

Tell us your thoughts and check out #BadChristianRapNames on Twitter and tell us your favorite names.
About the Author
Steven Solis is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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