Imagine this - you finally finish recording your album and it has been is mixed and mastered. Additionally, your artwork is complete and you are ready to promote your singles. The only issue that you experience revolves around the lack direction in regards to creating a buzz for your new album.

Currently the favored music sales model is single driven. ITunes, and most all digital retailers sell albums but most of the revenue is generated through individual songs sales. So what does this suggest?

The aforementioned paragraph suggests that you need to promote your singles. Your singles need to generate interest for your album. Below I will share 5 cost effective ways to promote your single. Add a comment

Chris Broussard is officially a villain. Yes, he is an outcast, the latest in a long line of social pariahs deemed to be unworthy of the dignity of his own opinions. On Monday, Chris was called upon by his network ESPN to do his job, and was asked a series of questions in response to Jason Collins becoming the first openly gay athlete in any of the major sports. Add a comment

Last night I had dinner with some friends and some people I just met, and they introduced me to a wonderful new game. It’s called the phone game. Its actually quite simple. Everyone takes out his/her phone and places it on the table. The first person who touches their phone loses and has to pay for the ENTIRE bill. And since we were 12 deep, the stakes were pretty high. And of course phones were vibrating, chiming, blinking and more. Facebook, twitter, text message notifications all over the place. You want to answer? Go ahead but it’ll cost you. And that night the urge to disconnect from the large group of people around you would have set you back $100.37 (includes the gratuity for a party over 7). And the conversations we had were great. Some were funny, some were deep, some caused us to get to know more about other people and showed me that we were connected to some of the same people in our pasts. The results were amazing. Amazingly human. Add a comment

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Guess which rapper is unashamed to call himself a Christian, talks to God in his music, raps to change lives and his greatest critics are in his own demographic.

“That would be me,” laughed Lecrae.

The Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist suits this depiction perfectly. However, Rapzilla had another artist in mind to whom this description applies just as well: Machine Gun Kelly (MGK). Add a comment

For almost 10 years I’ve been deeply involved, as an artist/producer/designer, in an amazing movement of Christians who have been making Hip-Hop and Rap music. Due to recent success many within the movement have feared that some are shrinking back from the original mission. But I see a bigger issue at hand. Those who have been instrumental in shaping the foundation of Christians who create/produce rap music, have not been helpful from the beginning of the movement in laying a proper whole life theology of art for those in it. Add a comment

We have compiled a long list of up and coming Christian artists doing Hip Hop music and over the last few months, narrowed down that list to 13. These freshman are who we suggest you to look out for in 2013. The main qualifier that Rapzilla staff utilized was that the artists could not have more than one official release. If an artist has had two official albums released, that would be referred to as their sophomore album. So an artist that has released several mixtapes and been a feature on other albums, yet only released 1 official album, is a freshman by definition, not talent. Without further ado, read on to see our picks. Add a comment

Not since the wild card New York Giants beat the previously undefeated New England Patriots in the Super Bowl have we seen an "upset" like we saw at the Grammy's. Lecrae won the Grammy for "Best Gospel Album" by beating out Israel Houghton, James Fortune, Anita WIlson and the man who EVERYONE thought was a shoe in for the award - gospel legend Marvin Sapp. It was an upset according to many industry insiders such as Bebe WInans and more.

For me, when they eliminated the "Rap/Rock Gospel album" category, I never thought a straight hip-hop act would EVER win a Grammy in that field. Add a comment

His name is Jin — short for Jin Auyeung.

But as a high-schooler in Miami, he was better known as "the Chinese kid who raps," a reputation he's developed after frequenting local talent shows and rap competitions.

In 2004, at 22, he became the first Asian-American to release a solo rap album on a major label in the U.S. Add a comment


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