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Former Gotee Rapper John Reuben is Back, This Time He’s In Charge

Today, it was announced that the newly-formed Zealot Networks has acquired the Nashville-based Gotee Records — founded by TobyMac, Todd Collins and Joey Elwood — which recently just celebrated a second decade of operation.
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The loading and firing of a gun are the first sounds heard on Christian rapper Drew Anderson’s album Lazarus that he released this weekend. Those sounds also cameo during the climax of his Christian testimony — when he says he was shot in the face, pronounced dead and placed in a body bag before he awoke.
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In the summer of 1998, Jay Z and Jermaine Dupri released “Money Ain’t a Thang.” With those four words, the duo captured the common attitude within hip hop that you are truly important when you have so much money you can waste it.
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