It’s no small feat to answer the question "Is Christian Hip Hop is wack?". Saying that Christian Hip Hop is wack is almost like a “yo mama” joke for people like myself who grew up on it. I’m personally invested in this genre through buying albums and concert tickets, as well as evangelizing through Christian Hip Hop. It’s challenging to be completely objective as well as comprehensive in answering, "Is Christian Hip Hop is wack?". I’m not trying to make a blanket assessment about a multi-faceted genre with thousands of emcees across the world, most of which I have never heard of. But lovingly, I’ll try to dissect the trends I noticed in Christian Hip Hop and make a conclusion. Add a comment

Does anybody remember mixtapes? No, I mean real mixtapes. I'm not talking about a bunch of songs thrown together that lack the quality to be called an album. Nor am I referring to a thematic compilation album, or a free collection of songs. I'm talking about mixtapes. Add a comment

We'll be announcing our picks for our freshmen of 2011 each day over the next 11 days. These freshmen are who we suggest you to look out for in 2011. The main qualifier that Rapzilla staff utilized was that the artists couldn't have more than one official release. If an artist has had two official albums released, that would be referred to as their sophomore album. So an artist that has released several mixtapes and been a feature on other albums, yet only released 1 official album, is a freshmen by definition, not talent. Without further adéu, read on to see our picks. Add a comment


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