His name is Jin — short for Jin Auyeung.

But as a high-schooler in Miami, he was better known as "the Chinese kid who raps," a reputation he's developed after frequenting local talent shows and rap competitions.

In 2004, at 22, he became the first Asian-American to release a solo rap album on a major label in the U.S. Add a comment

Today the news of Andy Mineo's debut album release 'Heroes For Sale' was announced. Along with that announcement came the unveiling of a spectacular album cover design.

The cover was created by the design and illustration studio Invisible Creature founded by Don & Ryan Clark, otherwise known as the lead vocalist and former guitarist of the Christian heavy-metal band Demon Hunter. Add a comment

After weeks of time, effort, and debate from the staff at Rapzilla, we bring to you our nominations for who we chose as leading in a specific category as it relates to doing music. The categories for 2012 are: Artist, Album, Free Album, Single, Group/Crew, New Artist, Record Label, Producer, Album Cover, and Music Video.

To qualify to be nominated, the artist must have released an official full length album, or EP available at retail outlets with a release date between December 2011 and November 2012. We will be following up and posting the winners by reader votes as well as Rapzilla's Best of 2012 picks. Voting ends January 20th 2012. Add a comment

It’s always fun to meet someone who has a similar testimony.

My story in a nutshell is this: I loved all things hip-hop, and I did not love Jesus. God was merciful to me. He made me aware of my sin and my sin’s consequences. And, against that backdrop, it allowed me to see the cross in an entirely different light.

I have some close friends with the same story. As I have traveled to a few conferences and ministry training events, I’ve met people all throughout the U.S. (and Canada) whose stories involve these elements. Add a comment

1. Multiple heavy hitters are releasing new projects
There is so much new music scheduled to come out in 2013 and a lot of it is by the leaders in our genre. Andy Mineo, Da' T.R.U.T.H (January), Lecrae, Canon (May), Sho Baraka (January), the 2nd King Kulture compilation, R-Swift (April), Beautiful Eulogy (Braille, Odd Thomas and Courtland Urbano), Rhema Soul, Bizzle and more have either announced a release date or revealed that they are in the lab creating new material. There will not be a lack of content in Christian Hip-Hop next year. Add a comment

Written by Shai Linne

A few months back, I read an article on Rapzilla entitled “What Kendrick Lamar Can Teach Christian Hip-Hop”. I have many thoughts about the article and the mindset it represents. I’m thankful for Rapzilla’s willingness to allow me to respond. While I’m sure the author was well-intentioned there were a number of things that troubled me about the article. Add a comment


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