130 plus comments tells me that a lot of you have already seen, or added your comments to, the conversation about piracy on Rapzilla’s Facebook page. As an artist, this is an issue that we don’t often speak out about, but deal with regularly. I'm reminded of the drama that took place when Metallica lead the charge against Napster. Artists are expected to be people-pleasers Add a comment

After weeks of time, effort, and debate from the staff at Rapzilla, we bring to you our nominations for who we chose as leading in a specific category as it relates to doing music. The categories for 2011 are: Artist, Album, Free Album, Song, Group/Crew, New Artist, Record Label, Producer, Album Cover, and Music Video.

To qualify to be nominated, the artist must have released an official full length album, or EP available at retail outlets with a release date between December 2010 and November 2011. Click 'Like' to vote for your top picks! We will be following up and posting the winners by reader votes as well as Rapzilla's Best of 2011 picks. Voting ends January 10th 2012. Click each nomination to listen to their music or watch their music video. Add a comment

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine life without iPods and CD's talk less of a day spent without Facebook and Twitter and other social mediums, the basic tools many artists in this day and age use to aid in their pursuit of conveying the message within their music. Such means were non-existent back in the 90's, the era that UK Christian Hip Hop burst onto the scene. With founding fathers such as Paul Servier (better known as DJ Royal Priest), Gifted, Blessed Man and a group named MOD and End Dayz, who later went on to release the UK’s first Christian Hip Hop Album.

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The older that hip hop (and I) get, the further away from the roots and original meanings of hip hop terminology we get. We posted a piece called "Don't Call It A Mixtape" written by Stephen the Levite, which is basically the same article conceptually. Don't call it what it isn't. Don't Call It A Freestyle! You are NOT freestyling! This article however has a little room for debate vs. the Don't Call It A Mixtape article - which definitely doesn't. Add a comment

Out of more than 630 videos, these are the top 25 most viewed music videos from our YouTube Channel at http://youtube.com/rapzilla!

Braille - Shades of Grey (@rapzilla @braillehiphop)

Json - Parent Me - feat. J.R. (@rapzilla @json116)

J'son - Goon (ft. Thi'sl & Pastor AD3) (@rapzilla @json116 @thisl @pastorad3)


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Unity is dead. It’s obvious right? Unity in the Christian Hip-Hop movement, culture, circle or whatever you want to call it is deceased. Let’s get the tombstone made and let it read “Here lies Unity. She never really had a chance.” It would be an honest assessment of Unity’s life cycle in our scene, too. She never really had a chance. And how could she have had a chance when everyone’s expectation of Unity created an atmosphere that she just couldn’t breathe in. Add a comment


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