UPDATE: Billboard told Reach Records about the change before its announcement and asked how the label felt about it. Reach said it was fine with the change. Other predominantly Christian hip-hop labels like Collision Records and Reflection Music Group were not questioned for feedback.

"Most" Christian rappers will no longer be able to appear on the gospel Billboard charts in 2014, the website announced, after "urging" from the gospel industry for change. Add a comment

With a title like Lies Hip-Hop Told Me you can already guess that this blog series will include a number of judgments. If you, like me, have been heavily influenced by hip-hop culture you may be put off by that. One of the most widely held ideas in hip-hop is the idea that “only God can judge me.” Add a comment

A typical strategy for all musicians to expand their audience is to tour. This summer, Humble Beast artist Propaganda has taken full advantage of that strategy. Not only did he headline his own tour based off the Crimson Cord album released in April, but he has played quite a few events with popular Hip Hop acts ranging from Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon to Southern Rap legend Bun B. Add a comment

This month, less than two years after he penned an anthem about selling crack, Houston rapper PyRexx released the mixtape Workflo Vol. 1 with lyrics so Christian that the Grammy Awards would call it gospel music.

“You better stop running ‘cause God is coming/Better be sober, God is coming,” says PyRexx on track number 2, “Sober,” which for much of the past 15 years only described him in prison.

Known as Joseph McSweeney to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, 29-year-old PyRexx has collected five convictions for a total of six-and-a-half years behind bars. This hasn’t stopped Christians in Houston’s hip-hop scene from endorsing him, though. Add a comment


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