Lecrae "Just Like You" feat. J. Paul

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Dear uncle Chris, Uncle Keith uncle, Ricky/ Before the lord get I gotta say something quickly/ I /grew up iffy/ since my daddy wasnt wit me/ shoot I wasn't picky/ I'll take any male figure/ and you stepped in at the right time/ its cause you that write rhymes/ you probably never knew that/ I loved the way you use come thru/ teach me to do things that men do/ true…you/ showed me stuff I'd probably shouldn't of seen/ you had barely made it out your teens/ took me under your wings/ I wanted hats, wanted clothes just like you/ lean to the side when I roll just like you/ aint care if people didn't like you/ you wanna bang/ I wanna bang too/ Skyline Piru/ You woulda died I would died too/ went to prison, got sick, lost ya pops yeah I cried too/ you never know who's behind you now I got a little son and he do whatever I do/ but it's something deep inside you that tell you that tell it's gotta be more than do what other guys do/ didn't nobody there to guide you/ but still I followed footsteps this shouldn't surprise you/ you you realize you/

Now all I see is money cars jewels stars/ womanizers/ tough guys/ guns knives and scars/ drug pushers/ thug/ strippers/ fast girls/ fast life/ everything I wanted and everything I could ask life/ if this aint livin then they lied well/ Guess I married an old wives tale/ wow fail/ I don't know another way to go/ this is the way they ever showed/I got this emptiness inside that got fighting for approval cause I missed out on daddy saying way to go/ aint get that verbal affirmation/ know how to treat a woman/ know how to fix an engine to keep the car running/ so I'm look at the media/ and I'm following what they feed me/ rap stars, trap stars, who ever wants to lead me/ Even though they lie, they still tell me they love me/ they say I'm good at bad things/ but atlas they're proud of me/

I was created by God but aint wanna be like em I wanted to be him/ The Jack Sparrow of my Caribbean/ I remember the first created being and how he shifted the blame on his dame for fruit he shouldn't eaten/ Now look at us all outta Eden/ wearing designer fig leaves by Louie Vutton/ make believing/ But God sees through my foolish pride/ and how I'm weak like Adam another victim of Lucifers Lies/ But then in steps Jesus/ All men were created to Lead but we needed somebody to lead us/ More than a teacher/ but somebody to buy us back from the darkness you can say he Redeemed us/ Taught us that real leaders follow God/ Finish the work cause on our Job/ Taught us not to rob/ but give life/ love a wife like he loved the church/ without seeing how many hearts we break first/ I wanna be like you in every way/ So if gotta die every day/ unworthy sacrifice but/ but the least I can do is give the most me/ cause being just like you is what I'm supposed to be/ They say You came for the lame I'm the lamest/ I made a mess but you say you'll erase it/ I'll take it/ they say you came for the lame I'm the lamest, I broke my life but you say you'll replace it

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