Japhia Life "Lifey's Revenge" feat. Tena Jones

Second single release from 'Westside Pharmacy' out March 20, 2012.



(Verse1:) Still alive when shots fired/ They like when it’s gone drop Phia/ Is you really dropping in 2012/ Just tell the truth we all liars/ Well… I’m in the booth dressed to kill, ill/ Look no more heart on my sleeve/ It’s giants on lover’s battlefield, for real/ Yall make it real hard to leave/ I kick it with all truth sayers/ I’m swinging on all soothsayers/ I’m drinking with my Christian brothers/ We praying for all bootleggers, haters/ Is it room for a lil input/ For the rap version of Switchfoot/ A lil room for me to switch feet/ And spit life tell satan to give me six feet/

(Chorus:) I may not have riches or fame but, I’m a superstar/ Popular but inside your nameless, no mater who you are/ Just another puppet with strings on, a chopping block/ Truth is coming sooner than later, no matter who you are/

(Verse2:) I saw the light when I was seventeen/ Man that’s the flyest thing I ever seen/ I been a Christian in Christian Dior/ Ducking the triple six in Seven jeans/ Does the devil really wear Prada/ They still trynna get the devil out him/ Like we the good version of Nirvana, I’m walking over parana, I’m yellin’ my Our Father’s, I’m/ Still bumpin’ Mary Mary, why you buggin’/ Tell Rev Run to met me in the dungeon/ Got on my Play Cloths but I’m serious/ My nanna saw the devil like insidious/ They tried to beat me with the bible belt/ For what they calling the devil’s music/ They still thinkin’ he by hiself/ Uh Ah, it’s Arms Out kill the confusion/

(Repeat Chorus:)

(Repeat Chant:)

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