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Aug 2012
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Rawsrvnt & St. Matthew - Love - 4.5 out of 5 based on 36 votes

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(Verse 1A)
It's getting harder everyday / O Lord / To see de youths dem gon astray / O Lord / I see no love in these streets / Just hate when they speak / I'm praying for peace woy / O Jah Jah be a lamp unto thy feet woy

(Verse 1B)
(St. Matthew)
No greater love than he that lay down his life for yours / Sent from above for mankind He came and He shed His blood / He did so much / Though He was the Master He worked for us / So anytime we down Him tell we say nuh give it up / All we need is

(Chorus A)
Love / Love / All we need is love / Love / Love / All we need is love / Love / Love / All we need is love / Immanuel is the King of love (Repeat x 2)

(Chorus B)
So me say love (Repeat x 2)

(Verse 2A)
It's getting tough along the way / O Lord / To reach upon my destiny / O Lord / I've seen nuff tings dem gone bad / It's making me sad / And driving me madd woy / O Jah Jah be a lamp unto thy feet woy

(Verse 2B)
(St. Matthew)
Surround ya self with those who a head for the narrow way / Member the day the Samaritan woman met Christ at the well / He said to her drink from me and you nah be thirsty again / She went away and told everyone about the man she met / All we need is

(Chorus A)

(Chorus B)




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