Free Album: P. Lo Jetson - To Infinity And Beyond

Download Mississippi-based artist P. Lo Jetson's new twelve-track mixtape entitled To Infinity And Beyond.

"Inspired from both the Disney film, Toy Story and Hanna-Barbera’s The Jetsons, To Infinity and Beyond depicts the struggle believers face with being in the world but not of the world. Jetson’s upcoming release also illustrates how the fallen universe in which we reside in is not our final destination."

The project features J. Carter, ChrissyLane, Mission, JG, K¥NG and more.


1. Goin’ Up (feat. J. Carter)
2. To Infinity and Beyond (feat. ChrissyLane)
3. Lion of Judah
4. Gotta Know
5. Liberated
6. All We Know
7. Hype
8. Known (feat. JG)
9. Say So (feat. J. Carter)
10. Mississippi x Da Bay (feat. Mission)
11. Team Spirit (feat. and K-Zoe)
12. Appreciated (feat. Micheal & Laurie Hall)
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