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Sep 2011
( 23 Votes )
Sean Demars 'Chaos and Pain (The Instrumentals)' - 4.4 out of 5 based on 23 votes

1. Chaos and Pain Instrumental (Produced by Wit)
2. Slavery and Pain Instrumental (Produced by Wit)
3. Death Bed Instrumental (Produced by Wes Pendleton)
4. Dull the Pain Instrumental (Produced by Juice)
5. Pain for Profit Instrumental (Produced by Wit)
6. Orphan Instrumental (Produced by Wes Pendleton)
7. Growing Pains Instrumental (Produced by Doc Watson)
8. Everyday Pain Instrumental (Produced by Wit)
9. Eternal Pain Instrumental (Produced by Wes Pendleton)
10. Prosperity and Pain Instrumental (Produced by Lon Richardson)
11. Phill's Pain Instrumental (Produced by Wit)
12. Persecution and Pain Instrumental (Produced by John the Baptist)
13. Work and Pain Instrumental (Produced by Wit)
14. Bonus Track
15. Hi, There [Bonus Track] (Produced by Wes Pendleton)

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