Lil Prophet 'The Real Word'

1. He Is Legend feat. Joose, Reyo, Boy Wonda & TH3RD
2. All We Do feat. Joose
3. I'm Back feat. Joose
4. This Plane feat. TH3RD
5. How To Love feat. Boy Wonda, Joose, Reyo & Triple D
6. Big God feat. TH3RD & Joose
7. OOH feat. TH3RD & Joose
8. Monster feat. Joose, Reyo, TH3RD & Boy Wonda
9. Fun Gunplay feat. TH3RD & Joose
10. I'm On One feat. Joose, Boy Wonda, & TH3RD
11. Goonies feat. TH3RD & Joose
12. It Ain't Easy feat. Joose & TH3RD
13. Society (Freedom) feat. Joose & TH3RD
14. Killer feat. TH3RD & Joose
15. Super Duper feat. Joose & Boy Wonda

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