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Jan 2012
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Rapzilla.com Presents: TableTurners Mixtape #003 - 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 votes

We have teamed up with DJ Promote to bring you the Table Turners Mixtape #003 - Rapzilla's Top 20 Free Downloads of 2011! These songs were offered for free by the artists and labels through 2011 on Rapzilla and saw the most downloads, which gives them the privilege of being mixed up by DJ Promote.

Tracklist (in no particular order):
1. Japhia Life - Live from the Pharmacy
2. S.O. "I'm Ready" feat. J. Williams
3. Propaganda & Odd Thomas "Change This World" feat. Braille and Alert
4. The Ambassador - Because of Your Love
5. Shai Linne - The Glory of God
6. GeeDA "Murda It" feat. KamBINO & K-Drama
7. Thi'sl - My Radio On Drugs
8. B-Shock "Bass Knock" feat. Mouthpi3ce, KamB.I.N.O & Swoope
9. RMG (Chad Jones, PRO, Canon, Brothatone) - Hello
10. Rhema Soul - Be Better
11. Lecrae "Jesus Muzik (Karac's Dubstep Remix)" feat. Trip Lee
12. Chris Lee "Encore" feat. Pastor AD3
13. Pastor AD3 "The Way You Do It" feat. Swoope
14. Future "I'm Back" feat. Pastor AD3, Brothatone & KamBINO
15. Canon - 10 Toes Deep
16. High Society Collective - One Moment
17. Big Fil "Hard Body" feat. R-Swift
18. The Ambassador "The Reunion Part 1" feat. DJ Wade-O
19. Victizzle - Take You To The Future
20. High Society Collective "Winner's Circle (We Major Remake)" feat. Propaganda




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