Trip Lee - Robot

*produced by Dirty Rice

I am not your robot, I am not a clone//You are not my puppeteer and I am not a drone//Got a new master and I follow Him alone//I want a good life till I’m gone

Verse 1:
Hey I was born less than human//I know it sounds crazy//But I was really born a robot as a baby//No real life in me, I just played my role//No self control, I just did what I was told//I got my first order, I was just a day old//But I didn’t have a chance, cause my heart was way cold//My heart took the order, I couldn’t break the mold//Sold under bondage and I couldn’t take control//So I was just//chilling in my robot clothes//With my robot friends, and my robot flows//Living robot ways, cause that’s all I know//Till I heard I could be freed from my robot soul, I’m like…

Why you always trying to control me?//You are not my boss that’s the old me//Obviously you don’t know my style ‘Cause I’m not a, I’m not a robot now//I’m not a, I’m not a, I’m not a Robot//I’m not a, I’m not a Robot now (2X)

Verse 2:
The crazy thing is I ain’t know I was robot//So I ain’t have a whole lot of plans for me to rollout//I thought I was unique, I thought I was so hot//But I was just like them other drones, I was so locked//Brainwashed, I was listening to lies//The freedom that I thought I had was really a mirage//I made my own choices, but it was a disguise The only thing I really did was pick a different lie//So I was still a drone, nothing but a clone//I only knew the lies cause that’s all that I was shown//But I been remade, my heart is no longer stone //Where my X-Robots who can sing this song?//Now I’ve been remade, I’m no longer hollow//A real man came, changed everything that I know//He gave me truth, that’s a hard pill to swallow//He gave me new commands, and he freed me up to follow



Verse 3:
Hey world, you know I see your game//And I don’t need your lies, I ain’t worried bout a thing//Hey devil, I know you want me chained//But you have been defeated, and your power has been drained//Hey flesh, I know you bear my name//I know you love the lies, but I’m steady tryna change//You mighta been confused, but this a new day//I’m saved now, I ain’t gotta do what you say!//To my friends, who are still on lockdown//Still controlled by their passions, stop now//He can free everybody from the top down//If you’re freed up, say this with me right now

I’m not a, I’m not a Robot now//I’m not a, I’m not a Robot now//I’m not a, I’m not a, I am not a Robot//I’m not a, I’m not a Robot now

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