Priest 'I Love The Nineties'

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1. The Chonic (Intro) (Freestyle)
2. Deep Cover
3. How Many Mics
4. You Can't Stop The Reign
5. Why I Love The 90s (Interlude 1)
6. Flava In Ya Ear (feat. Armond Wakeup, Flyboy, & Bink)
7. From The Sky... (This Is It) (feat. Yaves The Street Pastor)
8. You're The Reason (feat. C. Cook & Dre Wallace)
9. Players Ball / Elevators (Me & You) (Freestyle)
10. Why I Love The 90's (Interlude 2)
11. The World Is Yours
12. Triumph / C.R.E.A.M. (Freestyle)
13. Lovin It (feat. Rose Marie & Bink) [Bonus Track 1]
14. Advantage Priest [Bonus Track 2]
15. Cool Wit Me [Bonus Track 3]
16. Prizzle In The House [Bonus Track 4]

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