Dezcry - La La

*produced by C-Life


He Taught me how to love, gave me what I need// And You're more than I could ask for, this is how my heart sings// Lala la la la la la x2

Verse 1:
This took a while to put together// but only reflects the beauty that God's been demonstrating as we're growing together// I'm so grateful, yeah I know you hear that all the time// but finally I'm writing rhymes to bless your heart and show you're mine// Yeah, you know your'e more than I could ask for// unawakened love is the only reason we have more// We not our own, cause yea, it was all // His timing that gave us the confirmation for serving Him in relationship// And our relations set, on One who's mighty providing// that firm foothold we standing on together now.// Yeah, So Let His love for us consume// In The way we love each other through that is only in two

Verse 2:
I've grown from knowing you and learned so many things// that have taught me how to lead and be the man I've never been// Cause I've// been far away from love, and not knowing what it brings// now im walking in it with you and now knowing what it means// It's true, but I can't do this on my own strength// Walking down a righteous path but trying to head my own way// We Best friends it's so// great I call that soul mates// Know that God provided you so I ain't feelin lonely

God is working like He's never done// Let's give it all to reflect His Son// when we obey we feel that joy// He offers no one can destroy

Post Verse:
Such a blessings only given by Him who's holding my heart// cause I can only grow into the Man I was made from the start// if I be// seeking first the will that's put on my life I can ask// So truly I've learned the most important thing there's to have

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