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Jun 2012
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B.Reith - Simple Days Remix - 4.1 out of 5 based on 37 votes

Hip-Hop fans know full well – and newcomers quickly learn – that B.Reith is as versatile an artist as you’ll find in the industry, which means it’s tough to predict what he’ll think of next. He’s as adept at singing a silky pop ballad as he is delivering an expertly crafted rap rhyme, and he’s recently revealed a new strategy to balance the many muses that tug on his inventive mind. “I’ve tried before to please everybody, just to see if that was possible,” Reith says. "Now, I’m focusing on one area and hitting that hard for a while.”

And what might that area be? “For whatever reason I’m in this season now of hip hop. I’ve gotta get this stuff out. I’m squeezing it for everything it’s worth.” The first glimpse of this creative season is a stellar re-imagination of the song “Simple Days”, releasing today (June 8th). “It’s a song off the record (How The Story Ends), but I completely gutted it out. It’s sample-driven, there’s some rap in the verses, it’s a different song. I’m excited about it.”

A mixtape will follow on June 29th, featuring more remixes alongside completely new songs. Reith is committed to offering these songs for FREE to his loyal fans, but refuses to skimp on quality. Instead, for him, it’s a chance to work without the pressure of recording a full album, to explore new and innovative musical ideas, and to give back. He is indeed a busy man, even in this season between full releases. In fact, if Reith recently told us How the Story Ends, it seems that now he’s decided to add a postscript: How The Story Continues.




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