Bizzle & Bumps INF 'Martyrs in the Making'

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1. GOM Intro
2. 40 Deep
3. Be Without You (ft. PDUB)
4. Motto (DOLO)
5. Beware (No Church In The Wild Response)
6. Violin
7. Ready Go (ft. Mouthpi3ce & Sevin)
8. On One
9. Crew Love
10. Mercy
11. Round & Round (ft. Lavoisier)
12. Unjust Scales
13. Everybody
14. Ms. Diaz
15. Headlines
16. Make It Hot
17. What I Mean
18. Lost & Found
19. Right Thing (ft. Lavoisier)
20. Help Me (ft. Captain Virtue)
21. Work It Out (ft. PDUB)
22. Who Will You Follow
23. Sunny Days
About the Author
Steven Solis is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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