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Jul 2012
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1. Lecrae - Hallelujah (90s Radio Remix)
2. Trip Lee - Know Me (String Mix)
3. theBREAX - Brilliant Realness (Still Shinin' Remix, feat. Sho Baraka)
4. Lecrae, Flame, KJ-52 - Show Off (Guitar Remix)
5. Stephen The Levite, Phanatik, Evangel - Not My Own (Louder Remix)
6. Muze One - Father Time (Time Ticking Remix)
7. Sho Baraka - We Can Be More (New Jack Swing Remix)
8. Trip Lee - No Worries (Hey……J Remix)
9. Tedashii - Riot (We Will Rock You, Still Rioting Remix)
10. Trip Lee - The Invasion (Hero) (Meets Eleanor Remix)
11. Jaz & Magellan - Streets of NY (Grimey Old School Remix, Drums - Nate Robinson)
12. Trip Lee - Snitch (Beat-L's Remix)
13. Cam - Forward Me (Electro Beat Break Remix)
14. Trip Lee - My Lord (They Say They Want a Revolution Remix)
15. Lecrae - Killa (What is Sin Remix, feat. Mark Driscoll)
16. 116 - Man Up (300 Remix)




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