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Aug 2012
( 152 Votes )
Derek Minor (fka PRo) 'PSA Vol. 3: Who Is Derek Minor' - 4.8 out of 5 based on 152 votes


1. Higher (Prod. by Derek Minor)
2. Turn It Up (Prod. by Yung Vizzy Adot)
3. Past the Sky (Prod. by Haze Banga/Sarah J)
4. Feeling Good ft. Chad Jones, Laura Reed (Prod. by Derek Minor)
5. Getting By ft. Trip Lee (Prod. by Derek Minor)
6. Call Me Back 1
7. I'm Focused (Prod. by Jimmy Natural)
8. Riddle Me This (Prod. by Derek Minor)
9. In Spite of All (Prod. by Derek Minor)
10. Where Do We Go From Here ft. ZG (Prod. by Derek Minor)
11. Get Up (Prod. by Chinky P & Frank Dukes/Sarah J)
12. Call Me Back 2
13. Welcome to the World ft. Tony Tillman (Prod. by Wes Pendleton)
14. Real Recognize Real ft. Lecrae, Pettidee (Prod. KGonthetrack)
15. Say Something ft. R-Swift, Sho Baraka (Prod. by Matt Houston)
16. Love (Prod. by JMac/Sarah J)
17. Sad Condishun ft. Dre Murray, Json, Viktory, Tedashii (Prod. by Wes Pendleton)
18. Call Me Back 3
19. [Bonus Track] Canon - Loud Music ft. Derek Minor (Prod. by Deeonthetrack)




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