Alex Faith 'Honest 2 God'


1. Intro [Prod. by theBEATBREAKER & Wit]
2. Have It All [Prod. by Wit]
3. Can't Fake It (feat. Dre Murray & Derek Minor) [Prod. by Wit]
4. Georgia Clay (feat. Jamm) [Prod. by Street Symphony]
5. Conditional (feat. Uncle Reece) [Prod. by D-Flow]
6. Video Games [Prod. by Wit]
7. Dreams (feat. Social Club) [Prod. by Dert]
8. Remember the Rain [Prod. by Wit]
9. M for Murder (feat. Martymar & Dre Murray) [Prod. by Wit]
10. Honest 2 God (feat. Christon Gray & Swoope) [Prod. by Wes Pendleton]
11. Video Games (Instrumental)
12. Have It All (Instrumental)
13. Remember the Rain (Instrumental)
14. Runways Remix (feat. Suzy Rock & Sho Baraka) [Prod. by Diamond Style] - Bonus
About the Author
Chad Horton has been in the music business since 2000 and is currently the Director of Social Media for 10th Street Entertainment, which manages several multi-platinum artists. Originally from Northern California, Horton rooted himself in San Diego with his wife and two daughters.

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