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Nov 2012
( 253 Votes )
Gemstones 'Elephant In The Room' - 4.7 out of 5 based on 253 votes

Gemstones, a former artist of 1st & 15th Entertainment - a label founded by Lupe Fiasco, releases 'Elephant In The Room', his second free album since leaving Lupe's label and giving his life to God. The free album is lead up to Gemstones' first retail album 'Blind Elephant' coming February 2013.


1. Fire In My Heart
2. Irregular
3. Dear Music
4. Dying Breed
5. Elephant (Skit)
6. Why
7. Still The King
8. Today
9. Don't Like
10. Make Believe
11. Kitchen Table
12. Bottom Of The Sky (feat. Hi Money)
13. I Don't Understand
14. March For Hope
15. Jesus Saved Me (feat. Dae Dae)




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