Pettidee feat. Dj Dex 'Kill The Messengers Mixtape (Side A)'


1. 100 For Ya'll (RIP 2Pac)
2. Lay Down
3. Not Welcome
4. Tallahassee Jacksonville
5. Tell The Truth (RIP Pimp C)
6. Women Lie Men Lie (PZilla Remix)
7. I'm A Rebel
8. What is to Be (RIP Bob Marley Interlude)
9. What Does it Profit (RIP B.I.G)
10. Feel Better
11. We Fight (Interlude)
12. Not A Star (PZilla Remix)
13. Come Out (RIP Dr. Adrian Rogers)
14. PETTIDEE Dark Night (Interlude)
15. Alive (RIP Dr. Martin Luther King)
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