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Jan 2013
( 25 Votes )
Tweli G - Good Day - 3.6 out of 5 based on 25 votes

Produced by Tweli G

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Sunny or rainy
Or even cloudy
like a water flowing melody
Im telling everybody
Because I know that its gonna be a
Good day
A good day
A good day
So good day yea-e-yeah!

Verse 1
Even when i got many problems
When the end is not in sight
I don't worry
I leave it all to you
UH! and because you are there
Life is going to alright
I want to follow your path
So when I start to fall to the side
Put me back in line
I want to put you first
Because Gods love is the purpose of life
I know this is true, for real
If you cant believe then just listen to the flow
And you will definitely understand
What a great price God paid for us
Coming down from the sky
So you and me together
Can be free, and have life forever


Verse 2
If you are living a meaningless life
And you just feel all over the place
Your heart doesn't have to be empty
He wants to hear from us so Holla
His arms are open
Love like you've never seen before is waiting for you
So show me that smile
No losing hope as we imagine our great future


Its gon be a good day ay
So everybody say





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