Selah the Corner 'Hoodie Season (Mixed & Hosted by DJ YNot?)'


1. Mommy's Words
2. Mi Corozone
3. Alarm Clock
4. Ride the Slowest
5. Sunday Mourning (feat. KamBINO)
6. El Presidenté
7. Summa Cum Laude (feat. KJ-52 & Rigz)
8. Where I'm From (feat. Eddie Nigma & Datin)
9. Say a Prayer
10. Call From Inside (Interlude) (feat. Noah Da Governor)
11. What We Gonna Do
12. A Sign (feat. Lavoisier)
13. Me, God & A Mic (feat. Perlz)
14. Over Here
15. Intercessor
16. Move (feat. Conscience)
17. Broken (feat. Perlz)
18. Everything (feat. Zay Tate, Datin & Glamour the Voice)
About the Author
Steven Solis is Christian Hip-Hop's Wizard of Oz, breaking more unsigned talent than anyone you know.

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