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Sep 2013
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Rey King 'T.L.H.D.' - 4.2 out of 5 based on 43 votes

T.L.H.D (The Love Hate Demos) paints the picture of a intimate relationship. All of the songs are conversations between me and the ones I love. The topics of discussion cover a lot of different aspects of love, both good and bad. "Love You" is a conversation God is having with someone through me about his unconditional love ( no strings attached ). "Fell in love" is me speaking some of my struggles and frustrations out loud. That song alone covers my team, purpose, temptations, addictions, frustrations, and solitude.


1. Love You
2. Forever (feat. Xápn)
3. Stay Here
4. Ur Love (feat. Migz & Porshia J)
5. Son Come Down
6. Speed of Light (feat. Niqko)
7. Hate You (feat. Colin Ansby)
8. Need You (feat. Kristine Alicia)
9. Fell in Love
10. Love War (feat. Hilliana)




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